About Us

Friends of 16th Street Heights Parks is an all volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and developing Hamilton and Upshur Parks.  We work to identify both needs and resources to support our neighborhood parks.  Our Parks are treasures for all of the community to enjoy–we focus on the play spaces, the recreation centers, the landscape, the Upshur Pool and the Upshur Dog Park

We have a formalized Adopt-a-Park agreement, which creates an arrangement under which organizations can help the maintain city parks. Friends of 16th Street Heights Parks has tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Accordingly, all contributions are tax-deductible.

Board Members: Maria Barry (President), Megan King(Vice-President & Secretary), Kelley Shannon (Treasurer),  Brenda Oliver (Counsel), Sandra Algarra, Jean Badalamenti, Carriellen Beaudreau , Laurie Lyons, Charlie Myers, Jessica Schroeder, and Tiffany Ricci.

Friends of 16th Street Heights Parks pursue the following goals:

  • Enhance and beautify the building, grounds and equipment at Hamilton and Upshur Parks;
  • Raise funds and enlist volunteers to redesign and rebuild and improve facilities to better provide-play space for children and adults and an attractive gathering place for the community;
  • Ensure the safety of our Parks as a gathering place for residents of all ages;
  • Promote programs, projects and events
  • Collaborate with DC Dept. of Recreation and Parks;
  • Make participation in Friends of 16th Street Heights Parks an enjoyable and rewarding experience.