Get Involved


We’re trying to increase the number and diversity of programs that are offered at Upshur and Hamilton Parks. If there is some kind of regular programming you’d like to see at at either park or recreation center, please let us know. We need your ideas and help to put activities together.

Below are ways you can become more actively involved:

1.  HAMILTON/UPSHUR PARK AND RECREATION CLEAN UP TEAM:  Become the Clean-up Coordinator for Hamilton OR Upshur Park or help us with quarterly clean ups and spruce up the Recreation Centers
2.  PROGRAMS COMMITTEE:  Join and or co-chair our programs committee helping to shape future programming at both parks.
3.  UPSHUR POOL:  Lead the Friends of the Parks’ efforts in getting Upshur Pool in great shape for Summer.
4.  COURTS AND FIELDS:   Lead the Friends of the Parks’ efforts in working with DC DPR to get our basketball courts resurfaced and our fields in tip-top shape.
5. GREEN COMMITTEE:  Lead the community in planting flowers, trees and plants at Hamilton and Upshur Park this Spring.
6.  FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE:  Help us plan our annual Fall Fundraiser .
7.  COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH COMMITTEE:  Help us with our web site and outreach materials.  Help recruit more active members!

When the story of these times gets written, we want it to say that we did all we could, and it was more than anyone could have imagined.

“Caring must strengthen into commitment and commitment into action if we are to preserve and nurture one of the greatest forces for rebirth and renewal this nation has… Volunteerism.”
— Marlene Wilson